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Catalytic Converter Prices for


X-Body$85Square AC$40
Large GM$75Jeep$48
Large Breadloaf$60W Gap$20
Small Breadloaf$75Scorpion w/$60
GM Airtube$40Scorpion w/out$65
Small Domestic Super HG$65Straight Edge Reg$45
Small Domestic HG$50Straight Edge Mid$75
Small Domestic$32Straight Edge HG$115
Small Domestic LG$20Torpedo Late No Pipe HG$140
Pre CV$30Torpedo Medium$65
Pre HG$25Torpedo w/ Pipe Early$20
Pre Early$10Diesel Early$8
4 Dot AC/L AC$48Late Diesel by Codes$50 - $1,050


02 Honda Slant$100Kidney$42
02 Honda Late$140Low Grade$32
Foreign$60Medium Foreign$75
Camry$45Foreign Pre$22
Civic$35Exotic Large$160
Civic side$55Extra Large Foreign$100
Civic center$90Large Foreign$88