Mark Baker Core Supply was
originally called Franklin Unit.

It was started in 1927 in
Philadelphia by Lou and
Rose Baker as a scrap metal
recycling business and
eventually a starter and
generator rebuilding operation.
Franklin Unit also supplied
cores to other rebuilders.

Harry Baker joined Franklin
Unit in 1946 to "help out" and
consequently ran the company
for the next 55 years.

He still acts as a consultant to
Mark Baker Core Supply.

In 1974, Mark Baker began
working at Franklin for a
summer resulting in the
creation of his own company,
Mark Baker Core Supply.
Franklin Unit was, of course,
his first client.

Brian Baker joined in 1980.
Over the next 35 years, the
company morphed from
strictly collecting and selling
cores into a combination scrap
and core supplying operation.

Eric Baker formally joined the
business in 2010, but had
actually been involved in
strategy and planning for many
years. He has known most of
our customers for many years
and have been immersed in the
business his entire life.

Currently, the business is a de
facto service business, our
clients being auto dismantlers,
metal recyclers and other
producers of auto cores and
scrap. We provide a full
service to auto dismantlers
and non-ferrous scrap yards -
handling their cores and their
scrap products. Mark Baker
Core Supply is located in
Pennsauken New Jersey, only
a few miles from the original
location of Franklin Unit.